Will you help us?

We are organizing a world-wide, in-depth research initiative to learn how businesses and professionals like YOU are coping with the toughest problems in the world today.

We're guiding Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, and FedEx to create exceptional experiences that produce results. And we want to hear your stories, too.


To help in the research, contact me at Bob@ItsTheUsers.com or send the form below.

BONUS when you send the form: a optional free 20-minute consultation on how these top brands uncover the hidden secrets to their success. The insights will all be tailored to your market, customers, products, goals, and real-world challenges.

The research initiative will address these global challenges:

  • Managing the Covid pandemic, going contactless, and developing innovative virtual solutions,
  • Cutting through the fog of the vast and accelerating proliferation of misinformation, falsehoods, deception, and lies online,
  • The deep and widening social, political, and cultural divides in our world today,
  • And the role of authentic Experience to address all the above: user experience, customer experience, and developing understanding and compassion through authentic human experiences with others.