Why this is important and how it's different:

Un-masks for the first time the single human dynamic that drives the entire global economy, the next age of civilization, and every outcome you seek in the world

Reveals the hidden source of your success: the decisions people make in the experiences you provide them

  • Crystallizes users' decisions into a vivid interactive process that you experience
  • Puts you immediately inside your users’ personal stories, as they experience them
  • Drives all discoveries into actions that have an immediate impact on your bottom line
  • Engages your whole team to learn a repeatable methodology and set of tools and skills
  • It’s applicable to any endeavor, business and beyond, that engages and influences people
  • It’s art and science you can apply over and over to impact any worldly outcomes
  • It's where Apple, Google, HP, Facebook, and Amazon invest millions and get millions in return
  • And it costs less than 5% of what those best-in-the-world companies pay for it
  • Part I. Introductions and Mapping the Course

    The Art and Science of Better User Choices through Better Experience

  • What the Course will cover
  • How to engage and apply the lessons
  • Joining the weekly Coaching Calls
  • Requesting Dedicated Consulting
  • Completing Weekly Assignments
  • Invite and include your entire team
  • Part II. Theory, Application, and Ruthless Focus on Your Bottom Line

    Learn, Apply, and Succeed with the Experience-Experience Method

  • The people that determine your success 
  • Your success depends on theirs
  • The Experiences that drive their choices and the global economy
  • The Secret: new proprietary methods to make it visible, vivid, and actionable
  • In-depth User Experience and Human-Computer Interactions

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Master the Single Human Dynamic that drives the global economy.


Secrets from Apple, Google, HP, Amazon to drive your success.

  • Part III. Crystalize the Critical User Decisions

    The Moments that Create or Ruin Your Success

  • The critical user choices: The 'Crystals'
  • ‘Ultimate Experience’ and your role in it
  • How discreet user choices build success
  • The Experience where Crystals occur
  • Your challenges and opportunities
  • Creating scenarios that reveal Crystals
  • Part V. It’s the Users – Find The Right Ones and Build Those Connections

    Those People, Prospects, Customers With Your Future in Their Hands

  • Creative understanding of who you serve
  • Articulate the narrative of their lives
  • Develop a profile that fits and reflects
  • Contact, schedule, and prepare them
  • Part VII. Leading the Simultaneous Experience-Experience, Part 1

    The Interview - Getting Inside their Minds, Hearts, Lives, and Work

  • Build rapport, practice improvisation
  • Reveal Narrative: Characters & settings
  • Reveal Choices: Motivations & action
  • The Emotional Dance: Attraction, Reflection, & Behavior
  • Part IX. Real-time Implications

    Putting the Insights Into Action

  • Implications > Characterizations > Hypotheses: Influence and Socializing Insights
  • DART: Decide - Act - Repeat - Test
  • Know and face your constraints
  • The next project: Replicate the process
  • Know when you need ‘Do It For Me’
  • Part IV. The Simultaneous Experience-Experience

    The Path to Mission-Critical Insights Available No Other Way

  • Plan your Experience-Experience
  • Best ways to make it simultaneous
  • Do a full walkthrough with your team
  • Craft a Test Strategy that rocks
  • Decide the right locations and settings
  • The equipment that reveals the invisible
  • Part VI. Construct the Simultaneous Experience-Experience

    Rehearse and Master a New Way of Engaging Those You Serve

  • Capture your team’s ideas and experience
  • Construct the real-time lab and recording
  • Meticulously capture the Crystals
  • Run a pilot to master the flow
  • Part VIII. Leading the Simultaneous Experience-Experience, Part 2

    The Event - Craftsmanship of Testing the Crystals

  • The powerful seven-step Experience formula: Find – Notice – Understand – Care – Act – Succeed – Reflect
  • Silent success-killers: Functional failure
  • Keep the team engaged throughout
  • Part X: Reach the Next Level

    Build Momentum and Accelerate

  • Master Progressive Iterative Testing
  • Integrate Quantitative Methods
  • The Experience-Experience In The Wild
  • Forming ‘Councils of Experience’
  • Experience-Experience and Business Strategy
  • Ultimate Experience: Create New Value

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