Learn how we're guiding Google, Facebook, Amazon, and FedEx to rethink their digital strategies and create exceptional experiences that drive customer response and produce results - now critical for survival.


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Critical Questions

Got questions about survival in this new world? I have your answers...

What's the big deal with 'experience'?

All outcomes occur only as customer responses in the experiences we provide them. Coronavirus now forces you to rely on virtual, online approaches to reaching customers and doing business. Experience is the single human phenomena that will now drive the global economy, launch this next age of civilization, and that drives every business outcome you seek.

What's included in the free e-library?

You get e-books, full courses, tools, templates, processes - on mastering the secrets to experience and business success, when you request the personal consultation. These are the approaches I use with the best companies on the planet - methods that drive customer engagement, orders, conversions, and millions in bottom-line revenue. 

What is the free business assessment?

In that discussion, I'll apply the same analytic approaches to your business that I've used for decades with Google, Facebook, HP, Apple, Amazon, FedEx, Microsoft, and many others. You'll learn what they’re doing at this moment to go remote, transform their digital strategies, and excel in this new world where virtual and online are paramount.

Who is Bob Berry?

I guide professionals and top brands to create exceptional online experiences that drive customer response and produce results - now critical for survival as COVID19 forces the world online. I speak, teach, consult, mentor, conduct research, and direct leadership events worldwide, with executives at Microsoft, Canon, eBay, GE, Honeywell, Lilly, and many others.