• 1st Approach: Discover and map where you fit in your users' lives

    How the buyer buys, how the learner learns, how the user uses

  • 2nd Approach: Ensure full functional integrity of all that you show users

    Today's vast explosion of devices demands that everything works

  • 3rd Approach: Learn to master the 'Dance' between people and tech

    People have emotional connections to their devices - use it to your advantage

  • 4th Approach: Discover insider skills for actual user dialog and rapport

    Revealed: a breakthrough method for conducting live user research

  • More BONUS: 30% off your personal invitation to the Human-Computer MasterMind Academy

    Academy workshops do full hands-on anaysis and overhaul of your online programs, with you and your team

To get the Bonus: share the HCI Learning System, please

Why I need your help: Networking is the best way for me to learn what other professionals need to master the art of human-computer interactions. This helps me do a better job for all.

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